Ninja Saga Thanksgiving Events 07/02/2012

 ninja saga thanksgiving 2011
Ninja Saga Thanksgiving 
Objective: Collect feathers and exchange them to cool outfits from Januari 7/02/2012.

Mechanics: There are three cool outfits; Bousou Turkey setTurkey Hunter setTurkey Chef set. To obtain such outfits, you have to collect the corresponding number of feathers required. Collect feathers by completing Thanksgiving daily missionsor buy them at 10 tokens each. Let's view the rewards below.
Bousou Turkey Set
  • Thanksgiving 2012 Limited Hairstyle (hairstyle) - 5 feathers
  • Bousou Turkey Suit (clothing) - 10 feathers
  • Turkey Tail (back item) - 14 feathers
Turkey Hunter Set
  • Thanksgiving 2012 Limited Hairstyle (hairstyle) - 9 feathers
  • Turkey Hunter Suit (clothing) - 15 feathers
  • Wooden Repeating Crossbow (back item) - 20 feathers
Turkey Chef Set
  • Thanksgiving 2012 Limited Hairstyle (hairstyle) - 2 feathers
  • Turkey Chef Uniform (clothing) - 5 feathers
  • Flour Stick (back item) - 10 feathers
You can only do the Turkey Feast mission four times a day. The mission has five stages but can be completed by doing one stage only. However, you will not get the bonus rewards if you will not complete the five stages. The bonus rewards are the following:
Stage 1. 5% XP, 500 Gold
Stage 2. 10% XP, 500 Gold, 5 TP
Stage 3. 15% XP, 2,500 Gold, 5 TP
Stage 4. 25% XP, 2,500 Gold, 5 TP, Forbidden Rune Scroll
Stage 5. 25% XP, 2,500 Gold, 25 TP, Forbidden Rune Scroll


To participate on the Fortune Card event, you must have aMaple Ticket. You can obtain 1 maple ticket just by logging in to Ninja Saga.
Mechanics. There are six random cards that will be shown to you. These cards are rewards. If you don't want the rewards shown, you can change them by paying 1 token. You will then be shown another set of rewards. These cards will be flip and reshuffled if you started to make a draw. One Maple Ticket = one draw only. The card that you've selected will be shown to you. Whatever the reward on it will be given to you. Rewards are the following:
Maple Ticket
- Maple Ticket
- 500 Gold
- 1,000 Gold
- 2,000 Gold
- 30 Tokens
- 50 Tokens
- 500 Tokens (special reward)
- 1,000 Tokens (special reward)
Kinjutsu: Dark Mind Inner Explosion (special reward) - Insert fear directly into target's mind, and turn him into chaos (3 turns)
Kinjutsu: Dark Mind Body Restriction (special reward) - Create scary atmosphere to restrict target, target's HP reduce 5% each turn (5 turns)

- Freeze Grain Great Sword
- Swallow Soul Sickle
Back Item
Grand Light Gourd (special reward) - Increase damage by 3%
Shogun's Badge Gourd - Increase  maximum HP and CP by 30%
- Advance Military HP Scroll
- Elite Military HP Scroll
- Advance Military CP Scroll
- Elite Military CP Scroll
- Fire Gan
- Enhanced Fire Gan
- Earth Gan
- Enhanced Earth Gan
- Lava Gan
There are lots of reason to be thankful for on Ninja Saga. Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Enjoy the event. I'll be finding a cheat for 
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